Palnatoke or William Tell – follow in their footsteps with Apple Shooter Unblocked

We have all heard of William Tell the master archer that shot the apple of his son’s head, but the Vikings already had a tale of this many years before William tell did the same.
Now you can also find as a shooter game online, actually you can find several versions of this big accomplishment and try and see if you can follow in the footsteps of these legends.
The game is a fun easy to use rendition of the two legends, you simple has to aim, point, add the power and shoot, but you have to remember a few things to make it hit the apple.

game screenHow to make the arrow fly right
It is actually easy enough to make the arrow fly, but you have to use your mouse or your fingers to make Apple Shooter Unblocked fly with enough power to reach your target. Left click on your mouse and keeping it down will add velocity and determine the speed in which the arrow will leave the bow.
Once you have mastered how much power you need to get your Apple Shooter Unblocked the right distance you have to master aiming.

You aim by moving your mouse, remember you have to take into consideration that an arrow does not fly straight, so to get the right trajectory you have to aim a little above the target you are aiming for. You shoot by letting go of the left click on your mouse.

If you do this right you will not hit the guy, who has the apple on his head, and you will hit the apple perfectly. As you hit the apple you will get pushed back ten yards for each hit making it more and more difficult.

Join the ranks of legends
Even though this game sounds and seems simple remember that the men, that did this in real life, are men we are talking about centuries later. So see if you can become a master archer and join the ranks of legends like Palnatoke and Wilhelm Tell.
Apple Shooter Unblocked
Even if this is just a game, and a game that is simple to get started with, it will give you many hours of fun. Start a quick game with one of your friends and earn the bragging rights and make him or her call you “the legend” for an entire week.